Continuous Integration, Blockchain and Writing a tech book by Ben Ross

Ben Ross, Principal Recruiter at Tiro – Recruiting the best JavaScript Developers in London!

Recently we were delighted to sponsor the London Node User Group meetup at Makers Academy for the 4th time. It was held on one of the hottest days of the year but still managed to have a very full room with 80-100 people attending and was great fun.

Videos of the talks will (soon) be up on the LNUG youtube channel soon courtesy of Pusher – In the meantime you can click the above link to find videos on talks on previous topics.

Speeding up CI with Node and Docker

The first talk was around Continuous Integration with Node.JS and Docker.

Will Munn spoke around how to appropriately use CI and why you should. The talk gave tips around how to make deployments run quicker and despite being interrupted by an ice cream siren outside on one of the hottest days of the year was a very engaging talk. One piece of advice he gave was to focus on simplicity and to not overdo your builds. For anyone thinking of working with Continuous Integration for the first time or even looking for tips on improving on it, this talk was very helpful. Look out for this talk on the youtube channel for when it comes live.

From LNUG presentation to published book – my tale of writing “Cross Platform Desktop Applications

The second talk was incredibly interesting as Paul Jensen took the room through his time in writing his published book –

Some of the tips were appropriate for anyone writing a book – even recruiters with a pipedream (I learnt that Microsoft Word is a great tool to use and works across multiple devices) as well as tips that are very particular for technology books itself. The main takeaways was “plan for multiple drafts” – especially when writing a book on tech due to the changing nature of technology. Paul had to deal with not only the particulars of writing to a North American and British audience, but also a technology (NW.JS) that changed its name (from Node-webkit) in the course of him writing a book.

By all accounts, the book is excellent so do check it out!

Trading cryptocurrencies, forex, commodities stocks and more using node.js

The final talk was about using node.js tools to do automated trading in cryptocurrencies. The speaker ( flyingunicorn222 on github) showed some trading stats and graphs and outlined some of the principles of currency trading, then wrote a live script to do some trading. It showed the future of financial transactions, transparent and distributed. The topic touched on some really interesting features around blockchain and disrupting the banking process with many questions afterwards that continued into the pub.

The talks were broken up by pizza, networking and drinks – something no great meetup would go without and all of us at Tiro Partners were happy to supply. It continues to provide a great chance to meet the JavaScript community and hopefully gives us the edge on the recruitment competition!

The next event is on the 28th June and one talk is already confirmed to be taken by Daniel Khan on how to trace down problems inside Node and the challenges operations is facing in today’s highly heterogeneous applications. There are still slots available so if you have an idea for a talk then get in touch!

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