New Girl In JavaScript Town

On Saturday I went to my first Node Girls boot camp, where I learnt how to code JavaScript with a bunch of really cool women in tech. But I can’t write this blog without first explaining why I decided to learn JavaScript. So …

It’s a Saturday, a sunny Saturday morning. What do I usually do on a Saturday after a long week at work? Well I usually lie in, that’s for sure! Perhaps… get out of bed before 12pm depending on how many G&T’s were consumed the night before. The past few weeks in fact I have been at the park drinking “tini’s” in the sun with friends (insert soft indie music) Anyway, I enjoy Saturdays! We all do, right?

So why did I give up the picturesque British Saturday in the sun to chill with a group of super cool, intelligent, autonomous women who code?! (Silly question). Who wouldn’t want to mix it up a little and unite with fellow inspirational women, who essentially have given up their Saturday to do exactly the same thing? ? #mutualinterest #womenintech #nodegirls #iloveahashtag

On a progressive note, I thought it was about time I give up a day in the park to really begin investing in my career. Daily, I speak to around 20 JavaScript developers on the phone… Now, I will pause here, as there might be someone reading this thinking, she only speaks to 20 people a day?? Easy work. But let’s remember most of you are at work so it’s not always easy to have a verbal conversation with you. So yes, aprox.20 a day.


Here I am speaking to all you tech savvy individuals about JavaScript roles. Or a GREAT ReactJS role based in central London (you all know this role). I know enough to talk to you, I am asking you questions with actual genuine interest. I would say 9/10 of which want to educate me because if one thing is clear, you all LOVE your job and what you do!

But, what do I do with this overwhelming overload of JavaScript language except repeat it back hoping you think I know what I’m talking about…Right?

Well, NO! I want to understand. I really do! A new conversation sparks a new question in my tech jargon saturated brain:

–         Why are you all so passionate about JavaScript?

–         Why do you really want to learn this new framework over the others?

–         What the heck is a function?

–         How have you made something so beautiful out of a “code”? Whaaattt?! (Mind Blown!!)

(Enter Sara’s head here) If I invest in understanding JavaScript and actually take the necessary steps to do so; I can be of more use to you, in finding you your first EVER dream Junior Dev role or that next step in your career from a senior, to a Lead Node Developer. Am I thinking along the right lines here? At the end of the day, I would want to have an invested individual helping me find my dream job, over anyone else.

So here we are, this is Mariam who was sitting beside me.

Investing in her career as she prepared to commence a software developer internship this week. YOU GO GIRL!


That’s me, obviously posing for an Instagram worthy, still life shot.

Instantly regretting the lack of frizz-ease I applied in the AM.

“Strings, Booleans, integers, variables, functions, if/else statements, For Loops, arrays” WHAT IS GOING ON??

Along comes super friendly JS mentor with her pink badge who has this humbling ability to make JavaScript sound easy to a complete beginner. And I begin;


(Well, you’ve got to have a bit of a laugh with it when you’re learning)

The next part really blew my mind… watch this:

Whaatttttt?! How did that just equal a string? (Mind Blown!!)

I had fun with it at each stage and as I got more and more confident, I then began to type console.log(“insert message”) ; without even thinking. Variables were my favourite. I had A LOT of fun with this. But life got a bit more complicated when it came to the If/else statements. If anyone is kind enough to elaborate again for me, the reason for these statements, please do so in the comments….

I so desperately want to understand where this fits in in the “real world” of development. I know I will pick it up with practice

Winding down

Of course, we did Loops and Functions and other areas of JavaScript which I haven’t detailed here. However, the purpose of this blog, was not to merely state what I learned, but to share my motivations behind why I am now beginning to learn JavaScript and what’s more my personal experience of learning it. I am still very much a beginner, but I learned to have fun with each stage to make it register with me. We all have our own ways of learning. Mine happens to require unnecessary amounts of humour and by doing repetitive tasks until I can do them in my sleep.

To summarise, I loved it! I also loved that I was learning in a supportive environment filled with intelligent Women who wanted me to succeed. So long may the journey continue and the blogs progress with perhaps slightly more Tech heavy content as the months go on. As well as my ability to really understand your world of JavaScript and may this reflect in the positive impact I can have on your career at whatever level that may be.


I’ve shared with you my first experience of coding…

How was your first experience? Where did you learn to Code? How has your journey been so far?

Was your mind as blown away as mine?

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