Before Tiro, I was working in recruitment for another company and although I really enjoyed the role itself, I thought there was more to it than just the rigid hours and responsibilities. I wanted a better work life balance with more autonomy. The trust to do my daily tasks and work through my day without constantly being checked on and my KPI’s watched by someone.

I needed a new environment, I needed a place where I went to work and the focus was it was high performance with a high trust environment and Tiro ticked every box when I came to visit and chat with Will & Paul. They just treated people like people, trusted them to work through their day and deliver results. The culture aligned with my aspirations for my career. They are a much more accommodating employer, a far better work/social life balance then I as previously getting and belief gives me real sense of value to them.

After joining Tiro, in the first few months I hit the ground running with securing some major accounts, I performed well, hitting my targets and keeping a constant stream of business through the lockdown period with the hard work I put in. I realised Tiro was the right place for me when I wasn’t harassed on KPI’s or had everything questioned. I was given the trust and autonomy to do my job and after a few weeks it hit me that this is what I was looking for. I had a solid foundation underneath me and the team are helping me to now grow, learn and expand the contract team.

What is it about your current role that gets you up in the morning? Being able to grow my desk and pass my knowledge on to the others in my team, furthering my career. The team at Tiro really encourage you to push yourself to learn and grow and you find things out about yourself you didn’t know before.

Tiro is completely opposite to other recruitment companies I’ve worked in and heard of. What really stands out for me is the high performance, high trust culture they have built. They trust their staff to get on with business, it’s what we were brought in to do and they believe in us to do it with the flexibility too.

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