Before Tiro, I was managing a team for another recruitment company. I was heavily involved with the business and the direction of it but I didn’t buy into the company values, and didn’t see the top level management as aspirational. I needed something that gave me that drive where I feel valued and those above me felt the same.

A good friend spoke very highly about Tiro, he suggested my goals would be more achievable in a better environment and Tiro was the place for me. I considered it and had a conversation with Will and Paul. I felt as though the two founders were driven, personable and we all on the same page. We wanted to build and get out of a recruitment business and change the way a typical recruitment business works which was a breath of fresh air to me.

The first few months at Tiro were amazing, it was great to get back to basics and roll back the years with the mind to build strong foundations for the future and the team we have so far are incredible. It is great to wake up and have everyone singing of the same hymn sheet. A busy loud office is the best thing to come into! Tiro has put me in a position where I am able to influence and direct the way the company will go from here on in which is engaging and exciting at the same time

My role has constantly been evolving in the space of just under 3 years. It has been a lot different to other companies I have worked for. Being heavily involved in the growth of the whole company is massively fulfilling and being able to be so responsive to our clients needs because of our size is a big plus point. This is just that start!  

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