Before my career in recruitment, I was playing football then after fell into Recruitment. My path crossed with Tiro when someone at Hunted approached me on the opportunity to setup a new office and expand the Tiro brand within engineering!

I had a conversation with Will & Paul and their ambitions aligned with my own, they had big plans and everything about them as people, the business they ere building and the culture they were breeding within the office and company ticked all my boxes and was a no-brainer.

At first, it was a lot of hard work with Qas. We were in a 2 man box office then working remotely through COVID and we got through it. Within 6 months we made our first hire and the ball got rolling in that aspect. Even with the hard work, I knew from from the first day I started, Tiro was the workplace for me. I’m working in a Director position where I have the autonomy to put my own flare on the business and the team. Grow and coach people how we think is best and our ambition is to grow the team to a minimum of 20 heads.

I love seeing the office do well, that’s what gets me up in the morning. As a business, Will & Paul have created a place where we as leaders can encourage and push the team and our colleagues lives for the better, give them financial freedom and so much more as a person you would love to have from an employer.

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