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“I personally appreciate your support a lot. It’s been a while now since working with you and I’m enjoying it. You are delivering good candidates, have an understanding of our needs for different roles and our cooperation has been very successful so far.”

Nikolina Kresoja
Recruiting Partner Rimac Automobili

“I just need to say that I am very impressed in the way you have handled things from start to the end. My feedback to you is very positive, you were engaged at all steps and followed up with myself after every step, but it wasn’t just that. What impressed me if that BEFORE the stages you actually took the time not just to write a mail with instructions but to also talk to me on the phone. Also, what I liked about your approach it that we were able to have an open discussion about the roles, the current economic situation we find ourselves so we can get the right financial compensation (this is also important), the technical nature of the role, the career progression that it offers among other things. In the world we are living today that has distanced people, this is brilliant and not all recruiters do these things! And I am also sure you have a certain work volume and I am not the only candidate you work with.

So, from my side I believe you handled this very, very good. I felt you were informed, confident and you managed to explain the role, the expectations and the process very well.”

Alex Nasturas
Principal Electrical Engineer Placed Candidate