Tiro Partners understand the need to attract and employ candidates from a wide range of backgrounds, and actively encourage all our team to promote best practices in workforce diversity in accordance with all anti-discrimination and equal rights legislation. We monitor the diversity of candidates submitted as standard and work with our clients to design candidate attraction techniques specifically with diversity in mind regardless of Race, Religion, Gender, Sexual Orientation, or Disability. We understand that equality needs to be driven by policy, strategy, and effective communication, and as part of our standard offering, all measures on diversity and anti-discrimination practices can be provided in quarterly reviews.

In addition, we deploy various procedures to ensure that the importance of equal opportunities is understood across our organisation. This is especially important amongst our delivery staff, who interact with candidate and customer communities on a daily basis. All employees, irrespective of the role they play within the company, receive full equal opportunities training during their induction which is supported, on an ongoing basis, by training workshops. These provide staff with a forum for sharing honest statements about their level of diversity awareness. From this, we can support their needs and teach them how to integrate effective diversity management into their approach to their work.

We understand that equality needs to be driven by policy, strategy and effective communication. Equally, we are aware that incorporating diversity into the workplace and ensuring that it is mainstreamed into working practices requires a company culture to fully embrace it. As a company, we continue to work hard to create a culture in which the strengths of a diverse workforce are actively recognised and valued. The development of this type of culture requires an ongoing level of awareness and action. Its management is given a consistently high priority within our organisation.

Through our diversity offering, you will be assured of a resourcing strategy that attracts and gives access to a wholly representative sample of the population within the areas for which we are recruiting.

Our approach also confirms that selection will be based on ability and suitability with no consideration given to any unrelated factors such as:

  • age,
  • ethnic background ,
  • gender,
  • marital status,
  • religion,
  • disability,
  • sexual orientation.

Internally, we operate equal opportunities and diversity policies when both advertising for associates and recruiting our own staff and staff for our clients. Candidates at all levels are treated equally and sourced from a wide range of areas. Anyone can apply for any requirement we are sourcing and we assess their suitability only on a “skills first” basis.

By using a variety of sources, we can guarantee our clients will receive a diverse workforce representative of the environment in which you operate. Our sourcing strategies are tailored each time to meet client specific requirements. Typically a blend of approaches will be used.

Updated July 2021