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Finding the right candidate

We’re living in a candidate short market but our approach is simple; each project is treated as a campaign in its own right. You can expect to see us drill into your core messaging, your very mission, to clearly articulate you as an employer of choice. You’ll experience enhanced collateral, social media activity, we even develop shared communities to build out an ever-growing pool of candidates.

With quality of candidate an ongoing issue, we pay particular attention to distinguishing between those with a vested interest in your industry and those with true experience. The result is a previously inaccessible, engaged, talent pool receptive to your exciting opportunity.

Thinking longer term

It’s extremely rare that we work with our partners on a single hire, and you can always expect us to deep-dive into your history, technology, strategy and culture.

We’re very much seen in an advisory role, always striving to develop a strong knowledge of your people and processes, and an understanding of what you expect once we’ve successfully found you the talent you needed.

Our ability to look into the future and advise on each stage of your recruitment life-cycle is what sets us apart in the talent acquisition landscape.

A fully compliant solution

Providing our customers with the peace of mind of risk-free engagements is paramount to us, and is why we place compliance with international tax and employment regulations at the heart of our processes.

As a member of APSCo we ensure all our teams keep up-to-date with the latest changes in European labour law, and encourage responsibility at all levels, for ensuring that our candidates are fully compliant with country specific laws and individual client requests.

Tiro Partners is incorporated in the UK & the Netherlands, and are fully compliant with employment legislation across Europe and the U.K including IR35, DBA, WAB, CBA, AUG etc.

We let our clients do the talking...

“I personally appreciate Tiro’s support a lot. It’s been a while now we’ve been working with Tiro and I’m enjoying it. They are delivering good candidates, have an understanding of our needs for different roles and our cooperation has been very successful so far.”

Nikolina Kresoja
HR Business Partner Rimac

“The team at Tiro Partners consistently provide friendly, prompt, and enthusiastic service. They have introduced us to many candidates who have become key employees. To their credit they quickly accept if we report that a candidate is not a good fit whatever the reason and adjust their recommendations accordingly. Based on our experience we now work with them almost exclusively.”

Andrew Becker
Technical Director Cambridge Dynamics

Experienced leadership team with over 95+years recruitment experience

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85% of our business is repeat business

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